Morenci Turquoise Transformation                                                                                                                           First of all, here is natural Morenci Arizona turquoise. Secondly, you can view the transformation below, from rough stones with backing on sticks, to cabochon form. Most notably, the stones in the bottom picture ae the exact same stones as in the top picture!
Morenci Turquoise Rough Stones
Morenci Turquoise rough stones                                                                            
Morenci Turquoise Polished Cabochons
Morenci Turquoise Polished Cabochons  – exact same stones as above.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Significantly, the turquoise stones above go through abrasive wheels, ranging from rough grit to fine grit.  Another key point, there is always some material lost during this process. To enumerate, this is one reason that rough turquoise is for sale at a cheaper rate per gram verses cabochons.

By all means, the shine of the turquoise is not wax or polish, but is the result of sanding the stone on fine grit diamond coat wheels.  To clarify, these are 100% natural stones (with non-stabilization or enhancement) showing their true natural color.  Finally, there is a bronze color “Devcon” which backs the stones for shaping and mounting purposes.

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