High Grade Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise
High Grade Spider Web Bisbee Turquoise

Firstly, We  (love) turquoise jewelry!

Most importantly, every week, we sell thousands of dollars of old and new Native Southwest turquoise jewelry. Consequently, these are both artist “signed” pieces and “unsigned” pieces.

Moreover, an evaluation of your Turquoise or Native Southwest turquoise jewelry costs you only $39.95 per item.  

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Not to mention, we offer this service for walk-in clients & over the Internet! 

Correspondingly, please e-mail: 

(A) First of all, detailed digital photographs of your piece(s) showing close-up shots of the front and back and any other helpful angles. e-mail: dwightandchristy@gmail.com.                                                                          

(B) also, measurements of piece (i.e. length of necklace, etc.)                                  

(C) in addition, the weight of the piece                                                                                     

(D) furthermore, any helpful information you might have about the piece(s) history or providence.

Most noteworthy, evaluations usually take from 3 to 5 business days.  For this reason, turn around time depends on the amount of research required and my immediate work load.

Equally important, I accept paypal payment for this service through my paypal account – which is dwightandchristy@gmail.com. 

*Indeed, this service is NOT a formal written appraisal, but a conveyance of current fair market value based on 30 years of experience.  Also, based on our continuing education through constantly visiting other turquoise dealers and their shops, Indian jewelry shows, as well as local and national Native American Indian Markets. In addition, we  utilize paid subscription internet sites for the latest information.

To clarify, comprehensive written appraisals are also available,   as we are experienced appraisers who are qualified and  at writing professional appraisal reports for Native Southwest Jewelry. Contact us for additional information (520) 326-3070 or visit American Heirloom Appraisers.com.

  • We have created turquoise jewelry ourselves!  In addition, we have been guests at the Royston mining district and personally mined turquoise. Also, we have been guests of Freeport McMoran at the Bisbee turquoise tailing piles.  In conclusion, we cut turquoise from the rough stone, shape turquoise for jewelry, and silversmith the finished product.

  • Our 30 years of experience of buying, selling, and evaluating turquoise jewelry is our foundation for your accurate verbal approximation of value.

  • We regularly attend Native American Indian jewelry shows including the Santa Fe Indian Market each August, Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and other local and regional Native American Indian jewelry Shows.

  • We regularly perform approximations of value, either as a walk-in service or internet e-mail correspondence.
  • Feedback from a recent internet client (8/17/2015):

    Hello Dwight: 

    I want to thank you for the wonderfully detailed appraisal of my squash blossom necklace – right down to the details of the maker of the piece. Incredible work! I am astounded!
    All the best,
    John H.

    Feedback from a recent internet client (3/1/2016):

    Thanks Dwight,

    that is good news and as always you are great at both providing little tutoring and presenting a simple evaluation in a way that makes sense and is useful. Much appreciated,                                                                                                                                          have a great day!!                                                                                                Jeff R.

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Gold Nugget Test on Dig Wars on the Travel Channel
Gold Nugget Test on Dig Wars on the Travel Channel                       

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